Movable Jaw & Real Oral Sex Dolls from WM

Dsc 8838

As you know, many sex dolls on the market are functional, such as Auto-Sucking, Auto-Blowjob, Electric Butt, Breathing, Moaning, Heating etc. Today we mainly introduce you to WM Dolls Movable Jaw & Real Oral function.
After the development of inflatable dolls to TPE /Silicone Sex Doll, these are now increasingly unable to meet the needs of buyers, who are increasingly focusing on the experience. The movable jaw allows for more natural and realistic mouth movements during use. Users can adjust the Sex Doll’s mouth to different positions and angles for a more realistic oral experience. The ability to open and close the jaw is very similar to the movements of a human partner. This flexibility allows for better control of the depth of the oral experience, allowing users to find the best position for maximum pleasure and satisfaction.

WM ROS is currently available on these TPE heads: #85, #120, #159, #162, #198, #266, #273, #398, #400, #413, #432, #436, and #452.

Silicone Heads:LS#12, LS#14, LS#15, LS#59, LS#60

Wm ros head 1

Real Oral Sex (ROS) Feature:

Ultra Realistic Oral Cavity

Flexible Tongue and Jaw

Real Oral Sex Channel

Wm ros head 2 Wm ros head 3

157cm (5ft2) B-Cup Sex Doll Venus #16

Dsc 9769 1 Dsc 9992 1 Dsc 9741 1 Dsc 9895 1

163cm (5ft4) H-cup Sex Doll Yedda #198

Mg 5793 Mg 5582 Mg 5793 23fde33c fbab 4d85 aaaa 20b6f15c78d0 Mg 5708 7de286cd a1a2 498f 9392 0ce2ffa00179

166cm (5ft5) C-cup Sex Doll Gaylynn #266

Dsc 3726 Dsc 3804 Dsc 3735 Dsc 3998

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