Sed144 17

Common doll fingers:
Consisting of five hoses of different lengths that clamp tightly around the wrist, a thin wire is then wrapped around the five hoses.
1.Easily deformed and easily damaged: the hose gives it the advantage of being flexible, but at the same time it is easily deformed, and it is difficult to adjust to a more realistic effect with fingers. TPE fingers are easily damaged. Hoses can easily puncture TPE when fingers are not properly protected, such as when hands are hit while carrying or turning.
2.Irreparable Fractures: When the fingers are deformed by frequent impacts or crushing, or the fingers move too frequently, there is even a risk of dislocation (the fingers will hang down from the wrist), which affects the aesthetics and cannot be repaired. The restorative reason is that the finger hose is held in place by the force of the clamp at the wrist, and if the hose falls off, the hand needs to be opened to re-clamp the hose to the wrist. This is a complicated process, and even if it is completed, the beauty of the handle will be greatly reduced.

SE Articulated Doll Finger Skeleton (suitable for 150cm+ dolls) is made of stainless steel, riveted on three joints of each finger, from root to palm. The purpose of the surface coating is to increase the adhesion between the TPE material and the phalanx, and at the same time use a color close to the skin color to prevent the bone from showing through. The upgraded joint phalanx has actually been upgraded and optimized. The palm of the original was a large piece of stainless steel, now simplified to a thin strip, a little lighter but with the same effect.
1. More Texture: Articulated finger bones imitate real fingers with joints to provide more texture and realistic hand performance. For those who like dolls, the upgraded finger joints can fine-tune the details, especially when posing, the flexibility of the bending angle of the fingers increases the realism of the doll.
2. Load bearing: In addition, the upgraded phalanx can support lighter objects such as plastic water bottles, thanks to its stainless steel material, it can bear a little weight. Normal phalanges can only be used to hold very light items such as pens.
3. Repairable: Articulated phalanges have a “cap” on each finger to keep the fingertips from piercing the TPE, which is a good idea, but they can also pierce like normal fingers made of hose Fingertips in case of improper protection or hard impact. However, its advantage at this time is that if the knuckle finger is broken at the joint, it can basically be restored after tightening the screw. SEDOLL supports articulated finger skeletons for sex dolls over 150 cm.

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