Exploring Full Silicone Sex Dolls: Grace

157cm 5ft2″ d cup full silicone sex doll grace 25

Modern innovations have given sex doll lovers around the world access to countless amazing sex doll models. If you research sex dolls, you’ll find that there are only two types of doll materials currently available on the market – TPE and Full Silicone. One of the top companies that offers Full Silicone Sex Dolls is CLM (full name: Climax), but one of their most popular options is Grace, a silicon sex doll with many customizable features. Grace is a lifelike sex doll with a pair of smooth, soft D cups, a cute face, and a beautiful figure. With all her carefully designed curves, Grace can provide an unparalleled and long-lasting sex experience.

This review will focus on the details that make Grace so beautiful, what features she has, and how to care for her so that she stays in the best condition for longer.

Grace:If you like petite and cute girls, Grace is your best choice.



Material: Full Silicone

Height: 160 cm / 5ft3

Weight: 34 kg / 75lbs

Bra Size: D

Bust: 68cm / 28.36.8in

Waist: 52 cm / 20.5 in

Hips: 100 cm / 39in


Pussy:   7″/18cm

Ass:      7″/ 18cm

Mouth: 6″/14cm

Customize your fantasy sex doll:

HollywoodSexDolls offers a variety of free options to spice up your realistic sex dolls.

Articulated Fingers: Enjoy the intricate movements of your doll’s articulated fingers.

Ultra-Realistic Body Paint: Perfect Grace with premium body paint for a more realistic look.

Feet: Easily display your doll with free standing feet, or you can choose not to stand.

Standing Without Bolts/Hard Feet: This feature allows for seamless display.

Implanted Eyebrows and Eyelashes: Decorate your life size love doll with carefully implanted eyebrows and eyelashes.

Removable Vagina: Removable vagina for easy cleaning and easier maintenance.

EVO Bone Upgrade: Choose a more advanced bone type for enhanced movements and different poses.

Gel Buttocks/Soft Buttocks: Get realistic softness with gel buttocks.

Removable Jaw: Upgrade your doll with a removable jaw for unparalleled oral satisfaction.

You can also customize your sexy girl’s skin tone, the color of her eyes, lips, nails, and nipples. Finally add the right areola size, vagina depth, and anal depth.

Implanted Hair: Enjoy the realism of implanted real human hair for a true, smooth touch.

Head Freckles Style: Add freckles style to her face to add a playful touch for a youthful look.

Sexy Lingerie: Dress your doll in sexy lingerie to create an atmosphere that makes you more excited.

How to care for Grace:

When it comes to time to clean, treat the doll the way you would treat your own skin (as a general rule, what’s good for your skin is also good for a doll, and what’s bad for your skin is also bad for a doll).

The first step is to give the doll a bath with hot soap and water. We have found that the most effective way to do this is to place the doll on a table or other flat surface and give it a sponge bath. You can use a soft sponge, hand towel or other non-abrasive personal care item – whatever works best for you. Just place the doll on the table, scrub it from head to toe, then flip it over and scrub the other side. When you’re done, rinse her off and wipe her down with a clean towel.

Some customers ask if they can bathe their doll in the bathtub or shower. We advise against this for a couple reasons. First, the head should never be submerged. Second, water can penetrate inside the body through the neck area (where the head attaches) and potentially get inside the skeleton. Either situation could result in mildew, rust, etc. and should be avoided.

Sometimes, you will get grease stains or oily stains that do not come off with just soap and water. For this you need a paper towel and some BABY OIL. Just squirt the baby oil on the paper towel and wipe off the stain. Easy. Periodically, you should also give the doll a complete baby oil treatment from head to toe, just to keep the TPE material soft and supple.


Over time, and especially after a baby oil treatment, the skin will get tacky and sticky. This is normal. The way to treat this is with BABY POWDER. Just sprinkle the baby powder over the area that you want to treat and then wipe it off with a very soft MICROFIBER TOWEL. The skin will be as smooth as the day you bought it.

Note: Avoid pinching or pressing Grace with sharp objects and keep her out of direct sunlight to avoid damage or discoloration. Wash non-white clothing and accessories before dressing her to avoid stains. Do not attempt to disassemble Grace yourself.

This sex doll opens the door for lovers who seek the best blend of touch and beauty. Grace’s soft Silicone body and lifelike head create a sensational experience, and her D-cup breasts and physical features will make everyone want to own her. Buy Grace and choose the custom option to get the best value for your money.

At HollywoodSexDolls, we believe that you can find a love doll that drives you crazy and satisfies your sexual desires, so if Grace is the girl of your dreams, order her now and have her in your bed soon.

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