FunWest Doll Introduction


Founded in 2021, FunWest Doll is committed to making high-quality, realistic TPE sex dolls. Fulfill your fantasies and desires with safe, reliable products made from the highest quality materials. FunWest Doll produces exquisite Slender, Cosplay, BBW sex dolls, etc. to satisfy most doll lovers who are addicted to TPE sex dolls.

FunWest Doll Factory

This video explains the making process of FunWest dolls. To learn more about Funwest Doll, please click on this video and watch it patiently.

Certificate By FunWest Doll

FunWest Doll Options

Breasts Type

Click on the video to learn more about the differences between solid breasts, hollow breasts and Gel breasts.



A professional makeup team pays meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every aspect of the FunWest TPE Sex Dolls' look is lifelike. From tiny freckles to subtle red veins and even the natural skin texture on a doll's face, makeup artists accurately recreate these intricate details and transform each doll into an unforgettable work of art.

Skin Color Customization

Skin color scaled

FunWest Doll offers 7 skins for you to choose from: White,Natural,Light Tan, Tan, Blue, Cocoa, Black.

3 Hand Skeletons Comparison

FunWest provides 3 kinds of different hand joint skeletons, regular wired fingers, wired fingers with a wrist joint, and articulated finger joints. click the two videos to know more about their difference. 

FunWest Doll Heating Function

FunWest Doll uses an internal heating mode. The Dolls are equipped with a controller with a display, so you can clearly see the real-time heating temperature. This heating system perfectly simulates the temperature of the human body, which is tantamount to the feeling of contact with a real person.

Note: Please keep the doll flat when heating.

Moaning Function

3 points of touch for moaning: kneading breasts, thighs and stimulating vagina. Click this video to know more this function.

Auto-Sucking Function

Click this video to know more this function.

Note: This auto-sucking function is only for fixed vagina dolls.


Body Types