SE Doll Introduction


SE Dolls has developed their own style with highly detailed sex dolls and a premium TPE blend that is built to last while remaining flexible.  All SE Dolls have a sturdy and bendable skeleton as well. Hollywoodsexdolls are pleased to offer the complete line of SE Dolls with bespoke features. SE Doll creates sex dolls that are more than just dolls for adults, they are works of art. SE Dolls was founded in 2016 and produces creative and well-researched sex dolls made of TPE, Silicone, and mixed materials. They deliver robust and gorgeous sex dolls to the market using SE Doll's own original designs. Just contact our team if you need assistance locating your best sex doll.

SE Doll Factory

Certificate By SE Doll

Every doll package you receive from SEDOLL includes a certificate of authorization. Scratch off the coating, and you can see the anti-counterfeiting code. Enter the code in SEDOLL Anti-fake System, and your doll will be verified as genuine.

SE Doll Function Introduction

Auto-Sucking Function

Power button: Press the power button for about 1.5s to turn it on. Moaning function starts once the module is on. Click the power button to switch languages. Double-click the power button to turn off the moaning function. Long press the power button to turn off the module.

Mode: Single-click the mode button to switch gear. There are three gears.

Charging port: Charge with power off. LED flashes during charging. Stays on when fully charged.

Skin Color

Sedoll option information yourdoll 20210610 4

SE Doll offers 4 skin colors for TPE sex Dolls: Dark tan, light tan, natural, and white.

SE Doll only offers fair color for silicone sex dolls.

Skin Color Customization

Se customized skin color

Customization of any desired skin color is allowed at SEDOLL with an extra cost of $300. You can provide the Pantone color number of the skin tone you want, and we can formulate a special color for you.

Mouth Type

Sedoll mouth options

Textured Mouth & Fixed-Tongued Mouth

Fixed Tongue Offers a more realistic feel for oral sex.

Excellent Face Makeup

Se doll excellent makeup 2

SE Doll always offers creative facial makeup on sex dolls. What customers see on the advertized photos is what they received. 100% customer satisfaction.

Hyper Realism Painting

Wm doll features new 210610 2

SE Doll now offers hyper-realism body painting for all of their dolls. Blood vessels and veins make your doll looks more real. Note: Don’t rub or wash the doll’s skin too much if you add this option, which may disappear the veins.

Body Freckles

Se body freckles option 1200x554 1

Upgraded Skeleton

Wm doll skeleton details

Moaning & Heating

Se moaning system 768x480 1
Se body heating 768x480 1

Auto Blowjob

Sedoll option information yourdoll 20210610 6

SE Doll is the first brand to manufacture sex dolls with auto-blowjob options. You can have a different pose with the sex doll for a blowjob.

1. Don’t wash your doll if you add the auto-blowjob option since there are circuit boards inside the doll’s body.
2. This feature is now available for 150cm158cm163cm.

SEDOLL Head List

Se doll heads 153 2048x1727 1

SEDOLL Body Measurements

Sedoll body measurements

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150cm (4ft11) E-Cup Sex Doll Samantha

Original price was: $2,659.00.Current price is: $1,659.00.

150cm (4ft11) Elf E-Cup Sex Doll Amanda

Original price was: $2,659.00.Current price is: $1,659.00.

151cm (4ft11″) E cup ELF Japanese Sex Doll Olivia

Original price was: $2,645.00.Current price is: $1,645.00.

151cm (4ft11″) E cup ELF Sex Doll Sylph

Original price was: $2,645.00.Current price is: $1,645.00.