Movable Eyelid Function from WM Dolls

Wm movable eyelid 1

WM Dolls launches creative movable eyelids to show more facial expressions.

WM Dolls is the No.1 brand of high-quality TPE realistic sex dolls with a large variety of bodies and heads. It is a well-known innovator in the sex doll industry and recently launched its latest breakthrough in doll realism: movable eyelid function. This creative function will redefine the expressiveness and realism of sex dolls.

WM Dolls has always been at the forefront of the industry, exploring various new features and new ways to play. Let’s introduce the features of this new feature. The movable eye function is operated by the joints on the upper and lower eyelids of the doll’s head, which greatly improves the ability of sex dolls to imitate human expressions. WM Dolls can move the doll’s eyes from open to closed, and with movable eyeballs, it effectively captures the nuances of human emotions. This development goes beyond static facial features and provides an interactive experience that brings these TPE love dolls closer to realistic interaction.

For sex doll lovers, this new innovation is undoubtedly a friendship stimulant. WM Dolls’ movable eyelid function is not only a technical upgrade, but also a new way to connect with sex doll lovers and dolls. Interaction and more realism increase the affection between sex dolls and lovers, providing a richer and more attractive experience. It brings new ways of shooting to sex doll lovers who like photography, and also brings better emotional companionship to those who live alone.

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WM Dolls’ development and exploration of this new function reflects the brand’s commitment to improving the realism and experience of sex dolls. This is another major step forward in the sex doll industry.

We look forward to more practical functions and surprises from various sex doll brands!

We look forward to more practical functions and surprises from various doll brands!

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