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WM Dolls, a pioneer in the field of realistic sex dolls, has recently developed a new breakthrough material: S-TPE (also known as Super TPE). This will provide a more realistic, durable and humane experience for TPE sex doll lovers around the world. This S-TPE material has the realistic body makeup details of silicone while retaining the good soft touch of TPE. It combines the advantages of silicone and TPE materials.

More realistic: Compared with TPE, S-TPE has a stronger, more realistic appearance. Comparable to silicone. The body makeup uses silicone spraying process, which has a more realistic skin texture, similar to the details of the silicone body, more realistic, but with the good softness of TPE.


S-TPE improves the stretchability and softness of the vagina. It can be stretched to the extreme without tearing for nearly a month. You can do whatever you want;

After 30 days of extreme stretching, the doll did not tear at all. The durability of S-TPE is approximately 8 times higher than that of the original TPE.

We put 15 kilograms of weight on the doll’s butt. Even with the 15 kilograms of weight, the doll did not deform, but returned to its original state.

Very little oil production: A common problem with TPE materials is that they easily become greasy. S-TPE solves exactly this problem. It doesn’t require frequent powdering and maintains its quality over time.


No molded seams: Unlike silicone materials, sex dolls made of S-TPE have no visible molded seams. The smoother appearance further enhances its lifelike quality.

Easy to repair: Repair S-TPE materials in the same way as ordinary TPE materials. In comparison, S-TPE materials are easier to repair. S-TPE is environmentally friendly and recyclable.

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