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The industry’s first exp doll skeleton from zelex doll
ZELEX Adult Sex Doll recently launched the Industry’s First EXP Doll Skeleton. It is not an upgraded version of the original skeleton, but an expanded version of the original EVO skeleton. It can perform more natural and realistic movements and express rich emotions through body language. Surely, you can choose either the traditional EVO skeleton or the more expressive EXP skeleton.The EXP skeleton has the following new features:New joints have been added to the shoulders which can be used to shrink the shoulders. With the movement of the arms,more postures can be unlocked, which greatly improves the performance of the sex doll.

A spherical joint is added to the neck,allowing the head to move freely in 360 degrees, thus making the lines of the head and neck more realistic.

The Elbows are changed to double joints, and the palms are increased with spherical joints to make the activities of the elbows and palms more diverse and natural.

The waist readjusts the strength of the joints, so that the waist can be supported stably and twisted more easily.

This EXP skeleton is suitable for all of ZELEX dolls, such as huge boobs sex dolls, TPE sex dolls, silicone sex dolls, BBW sex dolls, mini sex dolls,celebrity sex dolls etc. Please rest assured to purchase!

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