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The society is constantly developing and progressing, and all kinds of new objects are constantly attracting everyone’s attention. In recent years, realistic sex dolls have gradually entered people’s perspective. The sex love dolls not only feels like real skin, but also has flexible limbs, and can do various charming poses. The structure is firm and durable! Now you can customize the Adult Sex Doll you want! Yes, you heard it right! Hollywoodsexdoll cooperates with dozens of full size sex dolls suppliers, 100% authentic and authorized, hundreds of customized items for you to choose from. You can choose the best sex doll for men that suits you according to the type you like, such as: BBW sex doll, big boobs sex doll, silicone sex doll, TPE sex doll, Mini sex doll,Asian sex doll, Pregnant sex doll etc.

You can customize Best Sex Dolls in 2 ways.

1. Partial customization of sex doll: Select the sex doll you like on the Hollywoodsexdoll website, click the “Customize this doll” button, and some customization items will appear immediately. You can customize Hair, Eyes, Vagina, Feet, Skin Color, Breasts, Shoulder Style, etc.

2. Full customization: If you don’t find your favorite sex doll on the Hollywoodsexdoll website, you can click on the “Build A Doll” collection, and then click on your favorite brand, a brand new sex doll will appear in front of you. Customized sex Doll.

Customizable Options

Head: Each brand has dozens of head styles for you to choose from, you can choose Asian Sex Doll Face, European and American face, Elf Sex Doll Face, Anime Sex Doll Face, you can also customize makeup, such as alien makeup, etc.

Body Style: You can choose your love sex doll according to doll height. We also provide Mini Sex Dolls with a height less than 100cm. The highest Female Sex Doll is 175cm. Of course, you can also customize male sex doll. You need to chat privately and tell us in person. Because most suppliers do not have custom items for male sex doll.

Hair Style: You can choose your favorite hairstyle according to your preference. If you choose TPE Sex Doll, it is better to choose wig. If you choose Silicone Sex Doll, then you can choose wig and implanted hair. Implantable hair works best with Silicone Sex Doll.

Skin Color: Each Doll Brand can provide several skin colors for buyers to choose. Some brand suppliers can also provide innovative skin colors like pink, green, blue, purple etc. These suppliers include WM Doll, Aibei Doll, SE Doll, Castle Doll, Irontech Doll etc.

Eye Color: Each brand offers dozens of eye colors to choose from. Some suppliers also offer Anime Sex Doll Big Eyes, such as Piper Sex DollIrokebijin Sex Doll, Irontech Sex Doll etc.

Areola & Labia ColorHollywoodsexdoll lists several colors for you to choose from. If there is no color you like in the list, you can send us a private message.

Areola Size: Currently, as far as we know, only Piper and Zelex can customize Sex Doll Areola Size.

Pubic Hair: If you don’t like Pubic Hair, you can click the No Pubic Hair button. If you need, you can choose it according to the thickness, of course you can also tell us which color you need.

Vagina Type: 2 kinds of Vaginas for you to choose–Built-in vagina and Removable vagina. The fixed one is more realistic and more convenient to use. The removable one will be easier to clean.

Skeleton: Regular Skeleton and EVO skeleton for your choosing. Recently Zelex sex doll launched the industry’s first EXP skeleton, which can pose more poses and is more realistic.

Feet Type: Choose between standing or non-standing feet. There are 3 screws on the bottom of the standing feet for standing support. Some brands of silicone sex doll have no screw support on the bottom of the foot, which will be more real and more beautiful.

At present, some suppliers have developed auto-sucking with voice sex doll, breathable sex doll, and AI sex doll.

PS: Sex Dolls in stock can not be customized. These dolls are already waiting to be shipped in the US or European warehouses.

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