WM DOLL Upgraded Articulated Hand Skeleton

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WM Doll recently launched the latest Hand Skeleton 3.0. This is the industry’s first ball jointed hand skeleton for dolls which realistically restores the human finger shape. Each finger joint is equipped with a soft rebound spring, which allows the user to position the finger to any shape, promoting an improved tactile experience.

It includes Damping Structure” and “Spherical Structure” so it feels more real, flexible and durable.

Damping Structure

A damping structure is set inside the joints connecting each phalanx, simulating the actual movement of the finger joints. It also solves the problem of joint breakage, reduces wear therefore extending its service life.

Spherical Structure

The finger joint is connected by a spherical structure, the spring tension supports the close combination of the ball head and the spherical groove, to provide suitably appropriate friction resistance, the corresponding joint con not only maintain the posture, but can also be easily twisted, allowing for the multi-directional rotation of the joint.

Currently this hand skeleton is only suitable for TPE sex dolls and Silicone sex dolls above 150cm.

Jack ryan
Jack Ryan
First of all, the owner is a hard working and honest guy! He is patient, friendly, professional, great communicator and will answer all your questions. He takes cleanliness seriously which is excellent! I had an amazing experience communicating and buying a doll with this guy! I bought Alma and it is true... his TPE dolls are very soft and feels totally very close to the real thing! It's a step up from your hand!! Totally worth the investment! This guy wants you to be satisfied! Much better than trying to trust online doll companies that you can't even go in person to see and touch the doll that you want! You can actually come in person to his store and he makes you feel comfortable with his friendliness energy and professionalism. You can trust this store!
Hands down, one of the best customer service experiences I have ever had. I had a shipping issue and the owner personally helped me out. Actually, he went out of his way to do it and attempted to cover extra costs. Needless to say, I was impressed and totally satisfied with my purchase. If you're on the fence, just look at the other reviews. Stellar service, and real customer service that is hard to find these days. I will be shopping here again. -Mootsie (Alias)
Anthony fortunato
Anthony Fortunato
Great experience, I was of course skeptical on my first time. But it was a pleasant experience after trying it out myself. Staff was very helpful and kind. If you are curious about this, text or call them and ask questions. Try it out, you won't be disappointed.
Luis flores
Luis Flores
I was nervous going as it was my 1st time, thought it was going to be awkward but Josh is very friendly and nonjudgmental. Keeps dolls clean and is willing to answer any questions you have. Overall it was a good experience and will be going back.
Bigfail 0001
bigfail 0001
I called up Josh and he was very accommodating and knowledgeable about his dolls. He was able to answer all of my questions. Place is clean. Overall, it’s a fun experience to at least try once.
I was very nervous for my first time but Josh made it super easy. If you’re looking for some fun without the risk! This is the place. Also very clean and tidy.
Juan castro
Juan Castro
1st timer. I kinda thought it was going to be an awkward interaction but no, Josh makes it feel comfortable. Great Service. Privacy is 100% here. If you ever thought of checking it out, I suggest you do. Will go again to check a different product 👌🏼
Owner is very friendlier, punctual and answering any and all questions you may have. He makes the experience easy and comfortable. Will definitely come back. Had an amazing time.
Jellie cent
Jellie Cent
Owner was professional and easy going. Had a good time and would definitely recommend anyone who is interested in this service to try it out!
Josue f bonilla
Josue F Bonilla
Had a pleasant time! Would come again. Amazing experience.

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