Zelex Doll has been committed to building a well-known brand reputation of Sex Doll. Recently, Zelex Doll launched the new Inspiration Series and upgraded several of their silicone Sex Dolls.

In the future, the new functions of Sex Dolls will make it more realistic and practical.

The inspiration series of Zelex Dolls brings 4 important new upgrades, details are as follows:

Oral Structure with Movable Jaws:

The unique and flexible jaw design makes Doll’s appearance more natural. Silicone tongue and teeth in the mouth make it more realistic. You can use this mouth for oral sex. The movable chin makes Doll’s expression more expressive. You can see her excitement when she has an orgasm, but she is also shy and surprised.

Softer Breasts and Butt:

We always want a Doll with soft hips and chest like a real person Zelex Doll has met our desire because they have developed softer breasts and buttocks, because consumers seem to be dissatisfied with the softness and elasticity of hollow breasts and traditional gel breasts.

Detachable Vagina with Labia:

Presumably, you also have the trouble of cleaning the doll vagina after sex. In order to get a better and relatively better experience, most people will choose fixed vagina instead of detachable one. In use, people usually do not feel the tightness of the vagina because the inserted tube may move. Zelex Doll’s new removable vagina not only helps clean the doll, but also brings you a better sexual experience.

Upgraded color sealing process:

Body painting always makes silicone dolls look more realistic, but what is annoying is that if dolls are bathed or scrubbed vigorously, their makeup will deteriorate or even disappear. Zelex Doll has rich professional knowledge in the process of makeup, and has vivid skin details from head to body. Therefore, make dolls look lifelike and energetic, just like your soul mate. In order to keep Doll around you for a longer time, Zelex has developed a new color sealing process, which makes the makeup of head and body more durable than previous products.

PS:Not all Zelex Dolls can be upgraded to Inspiration Series. Only a few bodies and heads can.

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