In order to comply with market requirements, Zelex doll has upgraded the doll’s vagina auto-sucking function, which is a major breakthrough. Zelex Doll optimizes external module functionality to provide you with unparalleled satisfaction.

External modules:

The external part is a simple module, which consists of a circuit part, an air pump, and a battery. The advantage of the external module is that as time goes by, the battery ages or the module is damaged, the external module can be replaced directly without damaging the doll’s body, thus ensuring that your doll remains functional and efficient for as long as possible.

fast charging:

The most attractive feature is that this module can be fully charged in a very short time. You can charge it with any generic USB-C cable. The 1A adapter only takes 2 hours to fully charge, and the 2A adapter takes 80 minutes. After fully charged, the doll can work continuously for 1 hour, providing you with uninterrupted fun and satisfaction.

Waterproof design:

There is an air hole on the side of the Doll, and a silicone plug is included. When you’re not using the doll or charging it, simply insert the silicone plug into the air hole, which creates a watertight seal that minimizes the risk of water ingress.

easy to use:

1. Power switch: Press and hold for 1.5 seconds to turn on, the LED is always on, and the voice call mode is automatically turned on. Click the power key to switch the voice of 4 countries. Double-click to turn off the voice mode, and double-click again to restart the voice mode.

2. Mode button: press the mode button to select the suction frequency, and 3 frequency modes are optional.

3. The LED indicator flashes when charging, and stays on when fully charged. The automatic suction function stops working when charging.

Zelex Doll promises to provide excellent after-sales service. As long as there is no water ingress, physical impact and self-disassembly, if there is any failure of the external module, you will be able to replace it with a new one for free, and it has a lifetime warranty.

PS: This automatic suction vagina function is currently only applicable to silicone dolls over 170cm.

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