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Sex dolls have developed from single-structure inflatable dolls to simulation dolls that are close to real human body structures. The great minds behind this innovative creation have been leading the way in perfecting the design of sex dolls to make them more like real people.

Oral sex is an abnormal form of sexual intercourse in which a partner touches the other’s genitals with their mouths. Oral sex is a healthy, normal and common sexual behavior. Oral sex is the closest or even surpasses sexual intercourse in some respects.

SY has developed Automatic Vagina Sucking, Oral Sex with Voice, Electric Buttocks Sex Dolls, and recently they have launched a new type-sex doll with oral heating function. It will let you feel the mouth of a real person as if you were using it temperature. Make the experience even better!

It has a heating chip implanted in the mouth, allowing you to use it after 12 minutes of charging through the head jack. It is very simple and convenient to use.

Want better blowjob experience? Want Blowjob with sexy voice experience?

After several years of research and development, SY company has launched realistic sex doll blowjob with voice.

Oral sex is a tighter way to give you a more intense sensation. Blowjobs with voice sex doll will make you feel like you are having sex with a real woman and will turn you on even more.

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